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“Studies in the Scriptures” is a non-sectarian, non-denominational teaching ministry. Firmly adhering to historic confessional biblical christianity, the ministry’s subordinate standards are the: Westminster Confession (1646), Savoy Declaration (1658) and Baptist Confession (1689).

In obedience to the LORD Jesus Christ’s direction to teach whatsoever He has commanded (Matthew 28:19-20), the ministry professes the biblical principles of only grace, only faith, only scripture, only Christ, and only for the Glory of God.

Meeting Information


Tocal Court Conference Room (opposite the chapel),

Tocal Agricultural College Campus

815 Tocal Rd, Paterson NSW


Sundays Weekly 2pm – from 15 February 2015


Authorised Version or New King James Bible and note-book.

Session Structure

  • Prayer and hymn to commence
  • 20 minutes questions and answers session
  • 10 minutes Scripture memory verse exposition
  • 30 minutes Main Topical Exposition
  • Hymn and Fellowship Prayer to close

Major Topics of 2015:

  • God Has Spoken – The Living Word
  • Bible Basics – Knowing God’s Word
  • Salvation is of the LORD
  • The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
  • The Believer’s Life in Christ
  • Life in the Spirit in Fellowship, Marriage, Home & Work
  • Prayer & Praise in Practice
  • Speaking The Truth in Love
  • Overcoming Evil with Good
  • Knowing God’s Will
  • In Sickness and Health
  • The Whole Armour of God
  • The Psychological Society
  • Biblical Demonology
  • New Age – Age Old Lies
  • Mystery Babylon the Great
  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ as LORD
  • The LORD is Coming

Ministry of the Gospel Hour


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