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Gospel Hour: Feature Article for April 2010

“The Reformed World View on Behalf of a Godly Culture”
authored by Prof. David Engelsma
published by Faith and Grandville PRC Evangelism Societies


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Milk for babes and meat for men, highly recommended,

British Reformed Fellowship Audio Archive


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Family News Update

Japheth Thomas Nicholson arrived on the planet safely at 3pm, March 10th. Mother and son are well and settling happily together. Thank you for your prayers and best wishes. Japheth came in at 9 1/2 pounds, 55cms long, very alert and was pleased to meet his mum. The Maitland Hospital staff have been excellent in every respect. They are a fine group of professionals. We should be very proud of our district maternity unit. My thanks and sincere gratitude to our midwife Libby and Dr. Peter Soaki for their care of Edwina and Japheth.

warm regards in Christ,

Rob. Edwina, & Japheth

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Gospel Hour: Feature Article for March 2010

A classic piece from the pen of a faithful brother, now with his LORD.

Antichrist: The Trinity Review-(Oct-Dec-1994)

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