The Gospel Hour on Central Hunter Community Radio (2CHR – 96.5-FM) is no longer being presented live in Sunday Breakfast on 2CHR. Our family and ministry work is currently being transitioned to the Barossa Valley in SA. However, archived programs are being replayed on 2CHR Wednesday evenings after 10pm. The Gospel Pulpit is still replayed 11pm each Sunday and Thursday evenings just after midnight. Our hosted Sunday presentation of Graeme Hull’s “Amazing Grace” is now replayed after the 5am news, Friday morning. We will present archived replays to air on on the website until re-settling.

We have ended our weekly meetings at Tocal College pending our move to a new ministry area in the Barossa Valley SA. Updates in due time, DV.



Our live Sunday morning Gospel Hour and Pulpit programs on 2CHR will recommence on the 24th of July. Till then the regular schedule of replays for the Gospel Hour, Gospel Pulpit and Amazing Grace (Graeme Hulls) remain programmed to air as announced on our website. The downloadable audio files on the website will be updated weekly as normal.

“The Gospel Hour is replayed Wednesday evenings after 10pm, the Gospel Pulpit after the 11pm  news each Sunday, and Thursday just after midnight. Our hosted Sunday presentation of Graeme Hull’s “Amazing Grace” is now replayed after the 5am news, Friday morning.”

The Studies in the Scriptures Group meetings at Tocal College will also recommence on Sunday the 24th of July at 2pm, DV.

warm regards in Christ

Robert & Edwina Nicholson


1Ch 13:10 And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Uzza, and he smote him, because he put his hand to the ark: and there he died before God.

“We have in our day too many among us who commit the sin of Uzza, for they dream that Christianity will suffer greatly unless they bring it into conformity with the ruling taste of society. They alter its doctrines, adorn its worship artistically, overlay its simplicities with philosophy, and its plain speech with oratory, and all with the zealous but presumptuous intent to help Him who needs not such helpers, and to preserve that religion which they only insult by their unbelieving anxiety. We must beware of even imagining that our hand is needed to steady God’s ark, the thought is blasphemy.” CHS

The programs will return to air on Sunday the 17th of January. Until then the family is enjoying a refreshing break and preparing for another year. We sincerely thank our listeners and prayer supporters for their fellowship in the year past. We pray that the LORD will watch and care over all in the year to come or “till He come”

Rob, Edwina and Japheth

“Studies in the Scriptures” is a non-sectarian, non-denominational teaching ministry. Firmly adhering to historic confessional biblical christianity, the ministry’s subordinate standards are the: Westminster Confession (1646), Savoy Declaration (1658) and Baptist Confession (1689).

In obedience to the LORD Jesus Christ’s direction to teach whatsoever He has commanded (Matthew 28:19-20), the ministry professes the biblical principles of only grace, only faith, only scripture, only Christ, and only for the Glory of God.

Meeting Information


Tocal Court Conference Room (opposite the chapel),

Tocal Agricultural College Campus

815 Tocal Rd, Paterson NSW


Sundays Weekly 2pm – from 15 February 2015


Authorised Version or New King James Bible and note-book.

Session Structure

  • Prayer and hymn to commence
  • 20 minutes questions and answers session
  • 10 minutes Scripture memory verse exposition
  • 30 minutes Main Topical Exposition
  • Hymn and Fellowship Prayer to close

Major Topics of 2015:

  • God Has Spoken – The Living Word
  • Bible Basics – Knowing God’s Word
  • Salvation is of the LORD
  • The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
  • The Believer’s Life in Christ
  • Life in the Spirit in Fellowship, Marriage, Home & Work
  • Prayer & Praise in Practice
  • Speaking The Truth in Love
  • Overcoming Evil with Good
  • Knowing God’s Will
  • In Sickness and Health
  • The Whole Armour of God
  • The Psychological Society
  • Biblical Demonology
  • New Age – Age Old Lies
  • Mystery Babylon the Great
  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ as LORD
  • The LORD is Coming

Ministry of the Gospel Hour

“The Papacy curses the doctrine of justification, the teaching that the sinner is justified and saved alone by God’s grace for the sake of Christ, and the whole machinery of the Papacy has the purpose of serving the doctrine of works and ripping Christ as the only Savior of sinners out of the hearts of people. And it does not engage in this murder of Christians openly, like the express unbelievers, of whom Christians beware in advance, but under the appearance of exquisite Christianity and holiness. It entices the people to it under the pretense of being the only saving church in order then to lead all those who follow its call, not to trust in Christ as the only Savior, but onto the way of works and with that into damnation.”

“Rome conducts, under the appearance of being the only saving church, supported by all kinds of lying powers, signs and miracles, the murder of Christians on a grand scale. It continuously leads millions to hell under the pretense of leading them to life. Rome is the greatest enemy of the church, the Antichristendom.”

At the same time it also becomes clear why people don’t recognize this, which the church of the Reformation confessed with a single voice. The greater part of the so-called Protestant church has fallen away from the article of justification. One teaches, sometimes crudely sometimes more finely, the way of works as the way of salvation. The great mass of the so-called Protestant Christianity has, with regard to the doctrine of the way of salvation, gone over into papist territory. Exactly this is the case with the synergists within the Lutheran churches. That we, and all who stand on our side, who, again, confess with one voice like the church of the Reformation that the Papacy is the great Antichrist comes from the fact that we, through God’s grace, stand in the right recognition of the doctrine of justification. Whoever rightly recognizes Christ can also recognize the Antichrist. And Christ is only rightly recognized when it is recognized that nothing in us, whatever name you want to give it, but only God’s grace in Christ is the basis of our salvation.

“Now however comes the Pope and then practically shoves Christ’s word to the side, in that he declares the Bible to be dark and on top of that forbids the general reading of the same. He himself however, comes on with the claim to be the chief of all Christians, to whom all must submit who want to be saved. Under the monstrous pretense of being the infallible representative of Christ on earth, he alters Christ’s Word and commandments at his pleasure. Under the claim of representing Christ on earth, he sets up his own lordship and makes subjection to this lordship a condition of salvation.”

“What kind of an abomination this is, is absolutely unspeakable. That in the Protestant Christianity of our time one does in general not feel for this abomination and does not in it recognize the Papacy as the Antichrist comes from the fact that one has also in this point gone over into Roman territory. One makes room, either expressly in doctrine or in actuality, for a lordship over Christians as Christians of princes, consistories, pastors, etc. As we have praised the article of justification, so also the article of the freedom of a Christian person, the article that the Christian as Christian is subject alone to God’s Word and is free from all lordship of men. We recognize through God’s grace also again the article of Christian freedom and are also horrified in our innermost hearts at the abomination of the Papacy.”

“The other catechism truth, through the taking to heart of which one recognizes the Papacy as the true Antichrist is that the Christian church is subject only to Christ and His Word, and not to any person and his word. Christ alone wants to rule through His Word in the hearts and consciences of Christians. This prerogative He claims for Himself. Among Christians, none should rule over the other, but rather they are ordered next to each other as brothers. “For one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.”

“Also, we do not believe of the Antichrist that he is still in the future, but hold that he is big and wide before our eyes in the Roman Papacy, and that it is a special deception of the devil, that so many Christians, who do know of the Papacy and its nature, still do not recognize it as the Antichrist prophecied in the Scripture (especially at 2 Thess. 2). We confess with the church of the Reformation that the Papacy is “the true End Christ or Counter-Christ” (ipsum verum antichristum [Tr. note: “that true Antichrist]), because “all vices that are prophecied of the Antichrist in Scripture correspond to those of the Pope’s empire and its members.”

“At one point the Holy Scripture speaks of many Antichrists: “even now there are many Antichrists”. 1 John 2:18. With that it designates all false teachers. All false teachers are actually Antichrists. Christ wants only His Word proclaimed in the church and that with that only He rules the church. The false teachers, however, who proclaim their own word instead of Christ’s Word, set themselves in Christ’s place in the church and against Him; they seek, in that they conduct their own teaching, to set up their own authority. We should also take this word of Scripture always well to heart, so that we do not forget what an abomination false doctrine is. All false doctrine in the church is rebellion against the authority of Christ.”

“But we do not forget in this regard that the Scripture still speaks of one Antichrist, in whom the abomination of all false doctrine is fulfilled, and whose coming occurs through special work of Satan. This one Antichrist was in the time of the apostles still in the future, but St. Paul already described him particularly in 2 Thess. 2. And he is come in the papacy and revealed through the Reformation.”

“Of course not only the Papists hold this confession against us. It is also not right according to the modern theologians. But that comes from the fact that they have either fallen away entirely from the fundamental truths of Christianity or only continue to have an unclear and deficient recognition of the same. One need recognize two catechism truths clearly to be convinced that the Papacy is the true Antichristendom, and that there can be no greater enemy of the Christian church than the papacy. It is both of these truths: 1) the Christian church is the community of those who believe that they are justified and saved by grace for Christ’s sake through faith and not by their own works, and 2) the Christian church is subject only to Christ and His Word and not to any person and his word. Let’s take a short look at the meaning of these catechism truths and hold the nature and claims of the Papacy against them.”

“Of what consists actually the inner life of each individual Christian and of the whole Christian church? What is the actual heartbeat of the spiritual life of all those who are Christians? The faith that they have only through Christ, and not through their own works, have forgiveness of sins. This faith defines the actual nature of the spiritual life of a Christian. What water is for a fish and air is for the natural life of a person, that is the element of life, that, for a Christian, is the faith that he through Christ alone has forgiveness of all sins and is with God in grace. Whoever does not wish to leave this faith to a Christian attacks his life. Whoever most endangers and attacks this faith damages the church the most. Who is according to this the greatest enemy of the church, when we look around among the enemies of the same? Is it Nero, Decius and their like who slaughtered thousands of Christians gruesomely? Oh, no! In those cases Christians could remain in faith, sing songs of praise to Christ in the places of martyrdom and go to Heaven. But when someone takes Christ out of their heart, that goes truly to their life, namely the spiritual and eternal life. And that is what the papacy does.”

Excerpts From: Our Position in Doctrine and Practice – 1893

Lecture delivered before the 1893 Synod of Delegates of the Synod of Missouri, Ohio and other States

Franz August Otto Pieper


“And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men” #Mr 1:17

Only by coming after Jesus can we obtain our heart’s desire, and be really useful to our fellow men. Oh, how we long to be successful fishers for Jesus! We would sacrifice our lives to win souls. But we are tempted to try methods which Jesus would never have tried. Shall we yield to this suggestion of the enemy? If so, we may splash the water, but we shall never take the fish. We must follow after Jesus if we would succeed. Sensational methods, entertainments, and so forth — are these coming after Jesus? Can we imagine the Lord Jesus drawing a congregation by such means as are now commonly used? What is the result of such expedients? The result is nothing which Jesus will count up at the last great day.

We must keep to our preaching as our Master did, for by this means souls are saved. We must preach our Lord’s doctrine, and proclaim a full and free gospel; for this is the net in which souls are taken. We must preach with His gentleness, boldness, and love; for this is the secret of success with human hearts. We must work under divine anointing, depending upon the sacred Spirit. Thus, coming after Jesus, and not running before Him, nor aside from Him, we shall be fishers of men.


Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith